Health Care

IOT Solutions which enhance Hospital & Healthcare Business Operation

IOT based BUSINESS Process Enhancement


Reduce asset search time.Reduce temporary or permanent loss of equipment.


Meet Pharma/ Drugs compliance and prevent product loss with accurate temperature and condition monitoring.

HR / Patients

Increase staff & patient safety by instantly locating them in times of incidents.

Improve Nurse and Doctor availability by locating any person in real-time from your mobile phone or computer.

HOSPITAL ASSET Management Module

Empower Clinitians

Access the real-time location data to locate the nearest available critical care equipment quickly.

Reduce Asset Management Costs

Helps staff spend less time searching for equipment,use assets more efficiently,and reduce inventory overstock.

Improve Productivity

Increase clinical staff efficiency by reducing time spent looking for historical and real-time asset utilization data.

Patient/ Staff Incident Module

Respond Faster to alert

Use real-time location data to immediately detect where the person calling for help is located

Decrease risk of duress events

use analytics to understand who is in need and which areas are prone to incidents of abuse

Create a safe workplace

Decrease the staff fear of being harm by equipping them with a simple panic button badges or wristband

Environment / Drugs Monitoring Module

Automate Compliance monitoring

Access real-time and historical condition monitoring data anytime,anywhere from the dashboard

Ensure the Quality of Medicines

Decrease risks to patient health.Receive alerts when stores medicines temperatures go out of range

Eliminate Manual Labour & Paperwork

Stop Filling out logs manually.Download the daily,weekly or monthly CSV reports which are automatically generated from the dashboard

Solution Advantages

A low-cost,full-feature solution purpose built for healthcare environments

Plug-and-play deployment of access points and beacons to simplify IT management

A low-cost,full-feature solution purpose built for healthcare environments

Analytical insights that improve workflow and help reduce excess inventory

References : US. Europe Hospitals on demand

Project POC (proof of concept cost): on demand

Health Care Capacity Management

Optimize Patient Flow

Quickly identify how many beds are available in each hospital department using real-time location data.

Simply use patient overview for a complete record of the locations they’ve visited within a time period that you define. Send- Collect – Analyze Data.

HCAHPS Ratings & Increased Hospital KPI

Improve patient experience by knowing exactly how many available beds are in a room, a department, or any of your medical centers, so that you know instantly how many patients can be accepted or transported to a specific department.

Health Care Inventory Management

Reduce Risk of Non-Operational Equipment

Monitor maintenance cycles of medical equipment and plan maintenance strategically by taking their current location and utilization into account.

Decrease Costs for Inventory Management

Track real-time and historical equipment utilization and location data in order to make physical inventory obsolete.