Qr Codes

Qr Codes

What are the benefits of NCI DIGITAL QR Code solutions?

NESBOO is an all-in-one custom QR Code solution portal. Its designed and built by Marketing Industry Experts for advanced brand and consumer experiences. Businesses can create QR Codes that stand out and are an integral part of scalable digital campaigns. Marketing Agencies can monitor, scan consumer behavior, and drive the digital brand transformation.

With the the NESBOO Platfrom, you can generate QR Codes that link to landing pages without any coding Make landing pages for all your QR Codes - all it takes is 10mins. The Wysiswyg Interface does not require coding.

The QR Codes have online retargeting capabilities. Convert first time visitors to buying customers. If you are a business owner you know the necessity to re-engage online.

QR Code retargeting with NESBOO

1. Scan and Engage:

Get users to scan custom QR Codes at your business location retarget users on Facebook and Google

2. Retarget:

Recapture their attention on Facebook and Google Ads, when they go online Get more business from online channels that initiated from offline channels.

3.Business Growth:

Start with offline channels and achieve business goals using online channels