NCI DIGITAL provides end to end eGovernment solutions to improve the activities and processes of public sector organizations.

With successful deployments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Italy, NCI Digital's eGovernment solutions automate high demand functions for saving time, for improving efficiencies and for generating revenue creating a win-win for both Government and Citizens.

E.g. in Transport departments, economic departments, the robust NCI Digital features automate essential transactions for a one-stop customer experience ... in significantly less wait time.

Economic Department Trade License Renewal:

  • License/ID Renewal
  • Change-of-Address
  • PIN Management
  • Replacement Name
  • Register Name
  • Pay Fees
Transport Department Driving Record Orders:
  • Transaction Status Checks
  • Emergency Contact Data (Supporting Andrews Law)
  • Order a New Plate
  • Personalize a Plate
  • Temporary Registration
  • Order Substitute Plate Sticker
  • County Pride Sticker
  • Pay Ticket Flags

By routing customers with standard requests to the NCI Digital, counter staff can increase personal attention to resolve complex, high-level customer issues. Branch NCI Digital provide a convenient alternative for customers and staff alike, reducing office congestion and shortening lines. End result, Department of Motor Vehicles offices can do more with existing resources and remain customer centric.

With flexible payment / ownership possibilities, cash strapped Department of Motor Vehicles' can more readily realize the revenue generating, cost savings benefits of a self-serve business strategy. From fully managed to owner operated models, Department of Motor Vehicles' can customize a solution to accomplish their business goals. By implementing a managed fee for service structure with no upfront costs, states challenged with funding can reap the benefits and remain on the forefront of technological advancements in an area that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

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