NCI Digital Technology enables your VR/AR Mission in providing advanced indoor Wayfinding solutions. Form Consulting to interactive Venue digitalization.

NCI AR/VR 3D Wayfinding Systems

Main features: IPS collects location information indoors using proximity-based hardware. This location information is then fed into a NCI-D mobile application that determines the IP of the users mobile Device matching with an indoor map of the building. The NCI-D App shows the shortest route to a destination. The route is augmented in the real-world. The App and the backend controller can be connected to additional devices , like Kiosks, Digital Signage and Web portals.

NCI 2D Wayfinding Systems

Mobile App provides building visitors, owners and facility managers following features.

1 Mobile Wayfinding Application

  • Way Finding Screen.
  • Search Destination.
  • Path Rendering.
  • Geo Based Real Time update.

2 Backend Admin Site

  • NCI-D locations Configuration Systems.
  • Mobile API.

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