Electronic Locker Walls

NCI Service and Facility Management Locker Walls

NCI Digital/L is locker lock system designed and developed to work with web based and mobile based customer service processes. NCI Digital includes WIFI Locker units which can be integrated to deploy and to collect: parcels, documents, devices, and can also be used as leased deposit boxes.

For each specific locker, the user activates the services through a kiosk or web/mobile service.

For application developers, we provide Lock communication protocol documents and test programs for Client's Server and it can be deployed in collaboration with the NCI Digital's software development team to customize according to your business process – All API/SDK and interfaces on demand.

  • Smart Locker wall kiosk systems
  • Easy and simple relocation of lockers
  • NCI Digital / AP can control up to 100
  • Flexible locker grouping
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • API/SDK development team for project service and integration.
  • RFID or touch system to open cabinets by the user

NCI Digital - RFID Locker Locks

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