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Many of NCI Digitals most successful self-service deployments are in Human Resources.

In manufacturing, retail, healthcare, government, and many other corporate environments, the percentage of employees without daily access to a computer can easily represent 30 – 40%.

NCI Digital customers such as ARAMCO, Kuwait Oil, and Towerclinic have deployed NCI Digital technology to connect their entire work force and realize even greater proceeds from their pre-existing self-service applications, e.g. SAP HCM/ESS

Cost saving HR applications like automated benefits enrollment, pay record access, profile management, and job training can be layered to improve the services extended to disconnected employees and accelerate ROI.

These early adopter clients have paved the way for integration of all the major HR platforms SAP, Oracle, Navision) removing historical time and cost barriers. Further, with integration of HR-specific privacy peripherals, virtually all HR applications can be run on standard NCI Digital Employee Self Service (ESS) enclosures.

Turnkey applications, standardized hardware, and the maturation of self-service with connected employees have all combined make HR NCI Digital deployments simpler and more cost effective than ever before.

NCI Digital-ESS Features and Benefits:

  • HR NCI Digital offers self-service functions to employees without access to desktop computers, or those who are located far from HR office
  • 24x7 access to HR information without the need for human intervention reduces costs and increases convenience for employees
  • Online forms and pay-stub printing on-demand saves paper, distribution and administration costs
  • Factory floor HR NCI Digital act as a virtual assistant for employee training, scheduling and other managerial functions
  • Hiring NCI Digital allows you for pre-screening and processing of applicant data, accelerating the hiring process and reducing administrative delays
  • HR Self-Service applications can be layered onto retail NCI Digital for after-hours use, leveraging your existing investment
  • Gaining access to the disconnected employee through a NCI Digital increases employee morale
  • Optional touch screen interface simplifies access to company information for less computer-savvy employees
ROI Opportunities with NCI Digital:
  • Reduction in overall benefits transaction costs
  • Decrease HR overhead / staffing costs
  • Reduction in printing and distribution costs
  • Reduction in training and "on-boarding" costs
  • Reduction in new employee turnover
  • Better data integrity reducing information audits

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