Smart Workspaces

Occupancy Intelligence is more than Workplace Optimization.
It’s about About People, Teams, Environment & Performance

By understanding how you occupy spaces and interact with assets and processes, we streamline workflows, optimize space design, and most importantly, make your employees feel seen and valued.
Using live IoT signals processed by AI, we turn occupancy data into Smartbuilding and SmartOffices Insights.
Insights, which enable a responsive workspace that dynamically listens to and foresees operational and human needs.

SmartOffices Technology

IT Integration:

Running on a BLE, cloud, and open-standard APIs. Designed to integrate easily into your existing CISCO Wi-Fi wireless network and third-party systems.

Private & Secure:

100% data security with SOC 2 certification and total privacy with thermal camera based occupancy monitoring without comprising accuracy

Infinite Scalability:

Ultra fast deployment with wire-free installation. Cloud provisioned and operated.

AI Powered:

Expose hidden frictions, bottlenecks, and waste across your Office and Building portfolio

Space Management

Result: Real Time Floor Occupancy Data
Benefit: Cut Costs Fast & Easy
  • Space management Data
  • Big-picture views of floor occupancy Data
  • Equipment & actual amenity usage Data
  • Optimize inventory
  • Automate facility maintenance
  • Real Time automatic dynamic action triggers
  • Optimize CAPEX strategy
  • Automate Cleaning & Maintenance
Optimize Workspace & Desk Availability
  • occupied/unoccupied area Data
  • how many people are in a room
  • preserving anonymity.
  • eliminate wasted spaces more collaborative workplace.
  • Test Floor Design Performance
Result Seat Occupancy Data
Benefit: Better Productivity Seat by Seat

Maximize productivity with live seat-level occupancy views that show you where the empty seats are while preserving complete anonymity.
Design seat ratios to get the most value from your portfolio and the best work from your people.

  • Test Floor Design & Improve Performance
  • Create Optimal Stacking Mix
  • Optimize CAPEX Strategy.
Staff Journey & Wayfinding Analytics with Smart Badges
  • Optimize schedules and processes fro staff and visitors
  • Tracking how your staff & visitors move through the office and building
  • Enhance visitor check-in and security processes
  • Location based information, dynamic and responsive.
100% Visibility: Building Visitors and Staff

The Smart Badge automatically delivers complete visibility into visitor movements and interactions with dynamic location based help bottom.
The ultra-thin, ergonomic design and 4-year battery life mean no multi-badge hassle and one less thing for your staff to worry about.

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