Proximity Marketing

Draw customers back to the Retailer locations. Modern retailers are turning to iBeacons to enhance the in-store experience. Beacons are tiny, low-energy devices that use Bluetooth technology to send out personalized content (Vouchers, Product Infos, Wayfinding etc.) to consumers' mobile devices as they shop.

Retail industry :

  • Send offers and discounts to a customer when near a product or a certain shelf.
  • Send a push notification when an old customer is nearby. After greeting, you can also check previous searches in your shop to let him know if what he was searching for is now in stock or on sale.
  • Allow shop or venue employees to bring up or quickly read useful information about the customer: preferred menu/beverage, name, what he ate last time.
  • Get relevant data about slow days and full days to optimize flow and service.
  • Offer coupons to customers after a purchase to share with their friends, thus encouraging others to visit during a sale or during a special event.

Automotive Brand Activation Services

  • Customers will be able to receive virtual rewards during the band campaign.
  • When passing by an exhibition booth receive vouchers or catalogue information.
  • Check-in at events with geo fencing.
  • At Events promote merchandise.