Retail Consumer Analytics

Retail Consumer Analytics


NCIdigital Heatmapping System

Align your retail consumer analytics with the real shopper demand. NCIdigital/AI Retail Analytics provides all insights you need to improve your Mall operations.
Heat Mapping, Visitor Counting, Face recognition by one real time KPI system.

NCIdigital KPI Heatmapping & Retail Analytics System:
Shopping experience Organize products , retail design and staff according to your customer insights.
Store traffic and shopper flow, allows you to allocate right resources at the right time to maximize gross profit.
in fine detail. We track every shopper and create BI
summaries of their activities: Passersby, impression and dwell.
In other words, NCIdigital senses how many shoppers passed from any point of the store,
where they stopped and how much time they spent.
Detailed and easy to understand heat maps and KPI reports. All dimensions of store interactions.
Passersby impression and dwell events. Identification of profitable hot spots with real time KPIs..

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