Health Care Kiosks

Health Care Kiosks


NES K/FTH Health Tec Kiosks

A high body temperature is one symptom of the COVID-19 e.g.
The NES HealthTec Body Temperature Kiosk (with facial recognition option) allows for a contactless body temperature check.
A person stands in front of the kiosk and it automatically detects their temperature. Building entrances can install the self-check in process which is more considerate than the temperature gun process.


» Display 8″ tablet style display.
»Reads and displays temperature.
»Confirmation of pass/fail,
»Configurable temperature thresholds.
»Accurate to within +/- 0.1°.
»Optional face mask check.
»Commercial grade hardware.
»API Interface to door access systems.
»Contactless Sanitizer (Option) Integrated.

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