Health Care

NCI DIGITAL eHealth applications are advanced services that manage, transmit, store or record information used in the delivery of healthcare treatment, payment or record keeping. Our DIGITAL eHealth applications provide best practice processes and systems in patient data storage, communication and health preventation.

NCI Digital provides technologically advanced patient check-in

NCI Digital's ability to leverage standard model enclosure efficiency and integrate highly custom peripherals has provided our Health Care Clients exceptionally cost competitive market entry points.

Application specific peripherals such as biometric identification, insurance card scanners, cameras, privacy screens, and payment transaction devices streamline patient and work flow, improve financial performance, and provide patients with dramatically improved service.

Automated patient check-in provides several direct benefits to patients as well as the health care providers, simultaneously improving service and reducing costs.

Process Efficiency Benefits:

  • Save significant hours of Staff Time per day thus improving bottom line.
  • Reduce administrative paperwork.
  • Improve revenue cycle visibility and management.
  • Better control on Patient Queue management.
Patient Satisfaction Benefits:
  • Reduced wait time.
  • Accommodate diverse patient population with multi-language capabilities.
  • Easy to Use touch Screen technology.
  • Improvement in Patient Privacy
  • Improved Quality of Care

Additional Healthcare Technology Solutions:

A second set of solutions that NCI Digital can offer includes lower level "customer flow" or Clinic Flow and Pharmacy Flow solutions. These are capabilities than can become an additional tool of your existing system.

  • NCI Digital Health Care Queue Management
  • NCI Digital Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • NCI Digital Pharmacy Market Research